martedì 19 novembre 2013

pymel: Rename deformer set

This script allows you to rename the names of the deformer set in relationship editor. The set takes the name of the node deformation linked. In this way, the list is more readable and clean. Bye!
def renameDeformerSet():
    nodes = type = ( "blendShape", "cluster", "wrap", "ffd", "softMod", "nonLinear", "sculpt", "wire", "jiggle" ) )
    for node in nodes:
        set = node.outputs( type = "objectSet")[0]
        set.rename( node.type() + "_" + )

domenica 17 novembre 2013

pymel: ecBlendshape

After all this time I'm back with a little work. Hi!

This script comes in handy when we work with the blendshapes. Sometimes it can happen that we no longer have the shape but only the blendshape node ( it happens when the save file must be small ).

With the extract function, you can extract all the shapes with their in-between shapes. The script will automatically put inside in a group and the names of the shapes will be the same attribute name they have in the blendshape node. The names of the inbetween shapes will be, for example, jawOpen_inb25, jawOpen_inb50, jawOpen_inb85 ( value 0.25, 0.50, 0.85 ).  

With the button "Connect", we can reconnect the blendshapes to the old base mesh. We may add, modify or correct the mesh inside the group.

thanks to Leonardo Viti modeler